Spraying/Kitchen Unit Specialist

Decorating London offers a specialist paint spraying service for kitchen units, bedroom cupboards or any other woodwork that requires precise spraying.

A quote from a client:

“When Jozsef (who you see in the pictures below), first told me about his work producing a finish better than factory finish, I didn’t believe him, but the results speak for themselves.  Amazing, and seems pretty durable too.”

The finish we produce requires meticulous preparation with very fine sanding and dust removal.  Generally Morrells High performance Wood Finishes are used for the work, but waterbased paints can also be used for excellent results.

To obtain this incredible level of quality Jozsef has invested in around £4.5K worth of equipment including all the racks etc.  Quite astounding quality. 

Contact 07989 191 799 and ask for a quote for as new kitchen units in your home!