Top 5 Mistakes Made by DIY decorators (as recommended by Decorating London, a top Clapham Decorator)

1) Protection – All furniture should be stacked in the middle of the room and covered with paint proof dust sheets or plastic film, the former being reusable. Floors should also always be protected ideally plastic roll and masking tape to work most effectively.

2) Small Things – Always remove all the small things from a room. May seem obvious but you’d be surprised. Small things tend to break, magnetically attract paint and dust and trip you up!

3) Opening Cracks – Any Clapham Decorator worth their sandpaper will tell you that if you see a small crack in a wall, it needs ‘opening’ by gouging out a small(ish) channel before filling. Otherwise the crack will come back before you know it.

4) Small Roller – Use a small roller (generally 4inch) on smaller surfaces. Quicker and neater.

5) Waterbased – The final mistake this Clapham Decorators recommends all DIYers avoid is using solvent based paint altogether for white woodwork.

Solvent or Oil based white paints tend to yellow over time and are more polluting. Use high quality water based paints instead.

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